2021 Plenary Speaker


Assoc. Prof. A.Y.M. Atiquil Islam, East China Normal University, China

Biography: Dr. A.Y.M. Atiquil Islam is an Associate Professor (Teaching & Research) at the Department of Education Information Technology of the East China Normal University (ECNU). Prior to this appointment, he served as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Faculty of Education of the ECNU. He obtained a multidimensional PhD degree by combining two faculties, namely, Education and Computer Science & Information Technology at the Institute of Graduate Studies, University of Malaya. All the while during his academic life, various scholarships awarded to him certainly have been the prime most instigators of his achievements. He received the Graduation On Time (GOT 2015) Award from the University of Malaya and honorarium for finishing his PhD in less than three years. In his field of specialization, he developed and validated three models, namely, Technology Adoption and Gratification (TAG) Model, Technology Satisfaction Model (TSM) and Online Database Adoption and Satisfaction (ODAS) Model. He has had almost 16 years of experience in academia, industry and business. With regard to leadership, he has proved his abilities as a chief executive in few business and social organizations since 2002 to 2007. Leading from the front, he has been conducting workshops on the application of Structural Equation Modeling, SPSS and Rasch Measurement Model since 2010. Furthermore, Dr. Islam has presented and published many papers in the international conferences (Japan, Singapore, China, and Malaysia) and journals including books and chapters. He has also delivered keynote addresses, invited speeches, and guest lectures many times in the past three years. He has published in the British Journal of Educational Technology, Instructional Science, Journal of Information Science, IEEE Access, The Electronic Library, Educational Psychology, International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction, and Journal of Information and Communication Technology. He has international collaboration with United State of America, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, China, Malaysia, Philippine, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. Dr. Islam is a reviewer and technical committee member of many international conferences and journals. He is the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Smart Technology and Learning, and Article Editor of SAGE Open (SSCI). His research interests are in the arena of Assessment of Educational Technologies, ICT in Higher Education, Quantitative Modeling, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, IT Assessment, Educational Research, Information System, Human Computer Interaction, Information Science, Digital Library Sciences, Mobile Learning, Technology Adoption and Gratification, e-Commerce, New Social Media Analysis, Assessment in Higher Education, Quality in Higher Education and Tourism.


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