2021 Invited Speakers

Speaker I

Prof. M.V. Pogodaeva, Irkutsk State University, Russia

Speaker II

Assoc. Prof. Hui-Wen Huang, Fujian University of Technology, China

Speech Title: Empowering EFL Learners’ Essay Writing Skills through Telecollaboration in Intercultural Writing Feedback

Abstract: Giving effective written feedback on EFL learners’ essays to improve their writing skills is a challenging task for many language educators. Native English speakers’ feedback can provide EFL learners with authentic learning experiences. Receiving corrective feedback from native English speakers leads to developing grammatical awareness and improving essay writing quality. This speech will demonstrate how culturally diverse college students in China and U.S.A. worked together through telecollaboration to implement an international learning project. Dr. Huang will discuss some of the innovative teaching strategies she applied to help EFL learners engage in essay writing tasks. During this speech, you will understand student perceptions of attending this telecollaboration writing project and how this project helped them achieve success in essay writing by receiving native English speakers’ constructive feedback.

Speaker III

Assoc. Prof. Yi Yang, Southern Medical University, China

Speaker IV

Dr. Sandra Gudiño Paredes, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico

Speaker V

Dr. Nikita Mamedov, North America International School, China

Speaker VI

Dr. Karen Ngeow, the University of Hong Kong, China

Speaker VII

Dr. Chammika Mallawaarachch, University of the Visual and Performing Arts, Sri Lanka


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