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Assoc. Prof. Gurendra Nath Bhardwaj,NIIT University, Neemrana, Rajasthan, India

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Dr. Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir, FTKW/ GERIC, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia

Ts. Dr. Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir, Certified Professional Technologist (Malaysia Board of Technologist); Senior Lecturer Faculty of Creative Technology and Heritage ; Currently appointed as Research fellow and Head of Division at Global Entrepreneurship Research and Innovation Centre, UMK, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan has been involved in ICT industry for the past 17 years. He graduated in Computer Science Degree and Diploma Specialize in Software Engineering. Master’s degree specialized in Information Privacy and ICT Strategic Planning. His PhD in Information Security Risk Management provide him a skill for research and consultation works. His research interests are Advanced Method for Educational Technology, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity Risks, Information Security Risk Management, Business and Education Computing/e-commerce and Creative Computing and Multimedia related project. Throughout his years of experiences in industry, he also involved in telecommunications, digital Multimedia content development, and System Integrator and ICT solution provider as System Analyst, Database Administrator, Certified Software Tester, Software Designer, Assistant Project Manager (ICT-related project). Also involved in research and consultation as well as training program development for academia and industry. He actively involved in organizing local and international conferences. Also become as proceeding conference and journal reviewer local and international. Pertaining his research interest and contribution to the body of knowledge, he has published several articles in indexed proceedings and journals. He is a member of the IACSIT, IEEE and PECAMP.
Speech Title: Research Ideation Canvas© : Strategic Cognitive Tool for Postgraduate Research and Innovation Ideas
Research Ideation Canvas© a great tool for researcher to visualize complex research ideas from Strategic Perspectives. The expansion of knowledge carried out through continues research activities and generating ideas for new innovations that can contribute improvement to existing body of knowledge. Therefore, the discovery provides Basic elements and concepts towards development of strategic research planning tools through Composition of visual graphic representation of lines, boxes, pillar, arrows, frames, texts and explanation to model the research activities, research processes, structure of the research document and thesis visualize research concept or ideas from strategic perspectives. The canvas consists of several sections representing the strategic planning of research and drafting of the research report or thesis research postgraduate studies. The architecture of the canvas uniquely design for ease of use and flexible to meet various complexity of research ideas. Its practical approach and useful. Research Ideation Canvas © Template also available and ready for use. It’s useful to encourage research startup on idea generation for research and innovation strategic thinking. Researcher could insert any of their research ideas according to the specific section in the canvas. It’s flexible to most of the research nature and themes. In short, this invention could be a mapping tools for integrating the complete picture of research in glance. Additionally the canvas could assist student to more focus in their research and also could be an effective tools to minimize communication gap between Supervisor and Student especially in postgraduate research supervision.



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