Address: No.55, West of Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City (Code:510631)

地址:广州市天河区中山大道西55号 (邮编:510631)

South China Normal University is an institution of higher education with a long history and a rich legacy. Originally known as Guangdong Provincial Xiangqin Normal College, South China Normal University (SCNU) was founded in 1933. In 1996, it became a member of “Project 211”, a national project aiming to establish 100 well-acknowledged key universities and colleges in China. 2015 saw the co-construction of SCNU by the Guangdong Provincial Government and Ministry of Education as well as its entry into the Guangdong High-Level University Sponsoring Project. In 2017, SCNU became a member of the National Sponsoring Project for World-Class Disciplines Construction. SCNU now boasts three campuses, namely Shipai Campus, University Town Campus and Nanhai Campus, with a total school area of over two hundred hectares and a total floor space of over one million square meters, housing a collection of over 3.7 million books.

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地址:广东省 · 广州 · 天河区 · 中山大道西69号