2020 Tutorial

Prof. Giuliana Dettori, Istituto per le Tecnologie Didattiche, Italy

Tutorial Topic: Moving from the Classroom to the Web: Reflections on the Mediation of Technological Tools and Educational Approaches

Abstract: The current pandemic has forced many teachers, all around the world, to suddenly move their lessons from the classroom to the web. Not all were prepared to this move, not all are satisfied of their outcomes. In order to successfully move teaching and learning to a different environment, it is necessary to gain awareness that any tool –be it technological or cultural - unavoidably changes the nature of the actions we carry out with them, as well as their outcomes, hence imposing the adoption of different approaches and strategies to achieve the desired results. Based on some examples from the literature, on the current situation in my own country and on personal experience, we will reflect on the affordances of technological and cultural tools and on the mediation they can provide in teaching and learning. The final aim of this tutorial is to contribute to dispel some clichés and aversions, working out a more thoughtful, confident and rewarding approach to distance learning.

Biography: Dr. Giuliana Dettori is a senior researcher at the Institute for Educational Technology of Italy's National Research Council. Her research interests focus on the mediation of ICT in education, in relation to both face-to-face and distance settings; she also works on media literacy, narrative learning s and elf-regulated learning. She is teaching in the PhD school "Digital Humanities" of Genoa University (Italy), is carrying out editorial collaboration with international journals and conferences and has been involved in international and national projects.


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